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Commercial Inspections & Property Condition Assessments

To address any potential issues that might require repair or replacement, we examine trouble-prone areas such as cladding, roofing, windows or exterior doors, which may be prone to moisture intrusion, site grading and drainage, or other areas where construction defects commonly occur. We use Infrared Thermal Imaging to look for water intrusion, and identify the problem. We will examine all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to make certain that everything is functioning as intended.We also visually check the structural systems to determine their adequacy for the intended use.

We’re unique in that we can handle every type of inspection from electric and plumbing to structural and more. This saves you the time and stress of communicating with several contractors. Simply call us, and we’ll take care of everything. We’ve inspected all types of buildings, including but not limited to the following:

                      Apartment Buildings                High Rises   
                      Auto Dealerships                     Medical Facilities  
                      Office Buildings                       Recreational Facilities
                      Churches                                 Retail Centers
                      Factories & Industrial

Property Condition Assessments 

Established in 2012, Only Choice Home Inspections has a reputation for honesty and exceptional work. Our level of dedication matches our level of experience and that is exactly what clients have come to  know and expect. We don't skimp on resources or on details, as that is what set us apart from others. I have work in buildings for over 30+ years and a union electrician, built several homes and flipped a few dozen before retiring and starting Only Choice Home Inspections in 2012. I have knowledge of all aspects of building from the many years in the trade, I am happy to share the knowledge with all investor's and building owners. No other company offers the expertise, knowledge and professionalism that Only Choice Inspections provides. We cover every area of the property to ensure that your client's investment is protected. Contact Only Choice Home inspections today at 941-224-6603 to review your building inspection schedule.

"Where Experience Always Makes A Difference"